11 April 2017--NEW Promo Video Day!!
So, I decided to spend some of my down time creating a new promotional video. It turned out that I needed a full two days (48 hours) for about 48 seconds worth of video. But, I think that you'll love the result.

Have a look at this and if you know a group or venue that would like to book a show like this, send them the link to my website.

9 April 2017
Don't ever allow yourself to think that you can't have fun in a small town. I played a ladies' night fundraiser in Viking, AB (population just over 1000!) and it was a blast. The ladies were so much fun, that I can't stop smiling. Those of you who have seen my DIVAS show know that the lack of gentlemen in the audience might have presented a bit of hurdle, but thankfully the MC was a man, so at least I was able to do my Marilyn routine in the standard fashion.

The highlight of the night—for me and for the audience—was when I brought up the lovely and talented Gwen to be my Sonny Bono for the evening. When I get the chance, I'll post the amazing video!